September 2011

Two unanimous entrants to the Lyon Conservatoire

Sarah ZAJTMANN and Florian CAROUBI have both been selected by unanimous vote to enter the Lyon Conservatoire

At the age of only 14, Sarah ZAJTMANN has just achieved one of the hardest feats: that of being unanimously selected to enter the prestigious Lyon Conservatoire.

As well as Sarah, Florian CAROUBI, aged 21, has also been honoured by being unanimously selected to enter the same institution.

PIANO CANTABILE has therefore succeeded the veritable feat of having coached two of the three pianists to be unanimously selected to enter this internationally sought-after conservatoire.

In July Emmanuelle BIZIEN entered the Royal Brussels Conservatoire to study with Daniel Blumenthal. Due to her excellent performance, she has been fast-tracked to the third year.