2012: a vintage year

In March, Florian CAROUBI won first prize at the international competition of Montrond-les-bains. Two months later he was awarded the audience prize at the Collioure competition.

Kim BERNARD, a 13 year-old prodigy, took first prize in the under-17 category at the international competition of Montrond-les-bains in March, followed in May by the « Young Talent » prize in the Maisons-Laffitte competition. Then in August he excelled himself yet again by winning first prize in the national competition of Aix, « Nuits pianistiques », where he was competing against some pianists who were twice his age.

In September, DO Trung Hieu succeeded in entering the Lyon Conservatiore to study with Florent BOFFARD. In February he had already succeeded in passing the first round of the entry auditions to the Paris Conservatoire.

Marion MAUREL succeeded in entering the Flemish section of the Royal Brussels Conservatoire in July.

Elsa BLANC succeeded in entering the French section of the Brussels Conservatoire in September.

In May, Gabriel STERN gained a place at the Geneva Conservatoire to study with Cédric PESCIA. Two months before that he won joint first prize at the international Montrond-les-bains competition.

Emmanuel CULCASI succeeded in entering the Geneva Conservatoire to study both piano and organ in May. However, in September he gained a place at the Lyon Conservatoire as an organist. Following a successful piano audition he was granted a place to study both instruments at Lyon.

WANG Beilun entered the High School at Dijon in September.

Emmanuelle BIZIEN and Nicholas VAN DINH gained First Class Honours in their Batchelor degrees at the Royal Brussels Conservatoire and the Geneva Conservatoire in June. This means that they are both continuing their studies on the Masters Course.

Benoît TOURETTE was invited to participate in the prestigious Sydney International Competition in July last year. The eliminatory rounds were held in Paris and 11 other capital cities around the world a few months earlier. Benoît had the honour of being the only French participant.