2011, a bumper year for the tenth anniversary of Piano Cantabile

In 2011, tenth anniversary of Piano Cantabile, three of our students succeeded in entering the Paris and Lyon Conservatoires by unanimous vote.

In February, Alexandre LORY, aged 19, was unanimously selected to enter the Paris Conservatoire to study with Roger MURARO.

In September, Florian CAROUBI, aged 21 and Sarah ZAJTMANN, aged only 14, succeeded in entering the Lyon Conservatoire to study with Florent BOFFARD. Sarah’s achievment is quite outstanding, since she was competing against candidates from all over the world, many of them twice her age. This means that two out of the three pianists unanimously selected to enter Lyon this year were coached by PIANO CANTABILE.

In July, Emmanuelle BIZIEN succeeded in entering the Brussels Conservatoire to study with Daniel BLUMENTHAL. Due to her excellent level she has been admitted directly to the third year.

In May, ARION published Célimène DAUDET’s first CD, “A tribute to Bach”, to considerable press acclaim.

In June, Ania RAHOU obtained her teaching diploma (DE) at the CEFEDEM-Sud.

And lastly, in August, Hieu Trung DO won first prize in the competition of the Académie Internationale des Nuits Pianistiques d’Aix-en-Provence.