Piano Cantabile launches yet another batch of promising talents

Kim BERNARD succeeded in entering the Lyon conservatoire in September at the exceptionally young age of 14 having won second prize the previous March in the under-26 category of the “Montrond les bains” competition.

Mariam BOMBRUN succeeded in entering the Vienna conservatoire in September.

Vanessa PELISSON gained a place at the Royal Brussels Conservatoire in September.

Ilan ZAJTMANN won the Lion’s club regional competition in March at the phenomenally young age of 12. He then went on to win 3rd prize in the national finals in May where he was competing against pianists twice his age.

Fabrice BIBAS obtained his master’s degree at the Paris conservatoire in June.

Alexandre LORY obtained his bachelor degree in June at the Paris conservatoire and was unanimously awarded the highest mark (mention très bien) after only two years of study rather than the normal three.

Florian CAROUBI also obtained his bachelor degree in two rather than three years, this time at the Lyon conservatoire.

Vincent FORESTIER and Alicia ABENSOUR both obtained bachelor degrees at the Geneva conservatoire and Jennifer PICOT graduated from the same conservatoire with a master’s degree.

Bertrand MASSEI, Benoît TOURETTE and Florence GENISSON all passed the CNFPT competition enabling them to become officially appointed at the conservatoires of Toulon, Evreux and and Le Havre.