Coaching for international competitions and Music Colleges


Of roughly 130 students who have studied at Piano Cantabile, almost half have entered tertiary music academies such as Paris, Lyon or their equivalents abroad.
Piano Cantabile’s mission is thus similar to that of the “classes préparatoires” which prepare selected French Baccalauréat graduates to enter the elite universities. The academy also coaches students to enter the “poles supérieurs“- or teacher training colleges recently created in France. In addition, Piano Cantabile helps pianists who have already graduated from a European conservatoire by preparing them for international competitions or developing their potential for the concert circuit.

Since 2001, when Piano Cantabile was founded, over 130 talented young pianists have studied at the centre. 57 of them, almost half, have entered an international conservatoire. Amongst those, 39 have now graduated from a “conservatoire supérieur” or an equivalent European music college (7 from the Paris Conservatoire, 9 from the Lyon Conservatoire, 9 from the Royal Brussels Conservatoire, 11 from the Haute Ecole de Genève, 1 from Trinity College London, 1 from the Guildhall and 1 from Montreal). 18 others have recently been accepted by one of these institutions where they are currently following performer’s courses (4 in Paris, 3 in Lyon, 7 in Geneva, 2 in Brussels, 1 in Lausanne and 1 in Vienna).

18 students have won prizes in international competitions, including 10 first prizes. Moreover, 7 first prizes have been won in junior categories and 2 other first prizes in national competitions.

21 have obtained the “Diplôme d’état” (for a teaching career) and 8 have been awarded the “Certificat d’Aptitude” (for advanced teaching in French conservatoires). 11 have now been appointed to teaching posts in regional conservatoires (4 in Toulon, 2 in Dijon, 1 in Paris, Marseille, Le Havre, Blois, Aix-en-Provence) and over twenty  have become teachers in municipal conservatoires.