June 2013

Release of a new album by Celimene DAUDET

We are pleased to announce the release of a remarkable recording by Célimène DAUDET of Bach’s “Art of Fugue”

Having achieved unanimous acclaim for her first recording, “A tribute to Bach”, Célimène DAUDET has now scaled the heights of one of the great monuments of the classical repertoire. “The Art of Fugue” by Jean-Sebastien Bach is not only one of the most complex works, but playing it on the piano represents a veritable feat that few interpreters have dared undertake.

Listening to this remarkable CD, one can conclude without much risk of being mistaken, that the wager is entirely won. Her wonderfully transparent reading of the score brings out all the majesty of this work which is often judged to be “inaccessibe”, but which Célimène manages to breathe life and warmth into. Thank you Célimène for this offering which all Bach lovers will treasure!